Explanation: The first report below concerns the MENG students I have mentored as the TESOL expert for their MA project/thesis committees and in other ways. MENG stands for Master of Arts in English. The second report is about BIS and other students I have mentored over the past five years up to 2015. BIS stands for Bachelor of Integrated Studies.

MENG Self-Study, Weber State University, 2014My Linguistics/TESOL ContributionsReport from Tim Conrad

1) MENG Coursework: a) Our linguistics/TESOL courses; b) Our current, long-time operative (since1999) ESL Endorsement/Minor offered at the MA Level (state certified, excceding TESOL Standards); c) our intercultural communication course: MENG 6005: Intercultural Classroom Discourse, particularly important as universities across the counry have an increasingly diverse student body, both in terms of language and culture.

2) Student MA Project/Thesis Committees I served on as the TESOL expert for the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, TESOL Focus. These students completed the MA Level ESL Endorsement/Minor shared by Teacher Education and MENG:

Kim Warren, 2013, Meeting Learner Needs in Adult English ESL Classes: A Sociocultural Approach to Instruction

Hsin-Jung Chiang (Taiwan) 2012, The Importance of Promoting Global Awareness in the Classroom

Jason Palmer, 2007, First Language Attrition in the Spanish-Speaking Community: A Cultural and Educational Perspective

Michelle Ann Larsen, 2006, Parental Perceptions: The Effects of Looping on the Elementary School Environment [Effects on ELL students]

Rodríguez, Mónica (Costa Rica), 2004, Exploring Culture Shock as a Contributing Factor to the High-School Drop-Out Rate of Hispanic High School Students.

Russell, Sandra L., 2003, Evidence to Support Development of In-Service Training to Help Secondary-Level Content-Area Teachers Meet the Educational Needs of English Language Learners

Loper, Theresa C., 1999, Identifying ESL students for gifted programs using portfolio assessment

3) Other MENG & Endorsement Graduate Students I have worked with on MENG Teaching & Research Projects:

Nicole Wardell, 2015, individualized analysis of the intercultural classroom discourse of her LEAP and business classes with Saudi and other international students

Claire Hughes, 2014, Writing Center Director, Director of ESL tutors, Weber State University, team taught a intercultural writing course with Claire which included both international and American students

Cheney Wheelwright, 2014, ESL and writing instructor, English & LEAP, Weber State University, team taught an intercultural pronunciation course for Saudi students with Cheney

Kattia Mok Chang (Costa Rica and also trilingual in Chinese, Spanish, & English), 2013, ESL Instructor in LEAP, 2012-2014, Weber State University, served as her faculty advisor for a directed study of intercultural classroom communication as she evaluated her LEAP ESL courses for international students

Austin Green, 2013, recent LEAP instructor, current Utah public school teacher, developed hiking, soccer, and other social activities for international students, which he continued planning as an instructor in the LEAP Department

Rasha Alyousef (Jordan), 2012, MENG TESOL Focus Graduate, currently an EFL Instructor in the country of Jordan, advised Rasha in her teaching of EFL in Jordan after she graduated from MENG at Weber State University

Oyunaa Luvsan (Mongolia) 2011, MENG TESOL Focus Graduate, ESL Instructor in the LEAP Program at WSU, 2009-2011, team taught a LEAP communication class for beginning-level international students

Jason Palmer, 2008, first Fulbright Scholar to be awarded through Weber State University as an EFL instructor in Taiwan, served on Jason's Fulbright committee, directed his teaching of a Spanish class at Mt. Ogden Middle School

Sheikah Al Zaabi, 2008, United Arab Emirates, current Director of English Language Programs, advised her program analysis of English as a Foreign Language instruction in the United Arab Emirates

SECOND REPORT: BIS and Other University Students I have Mentored and Involved in Team Teaching and Other Projects: CLICK ON THIS "WORD" LINK:

Summer/Fall 2014, "International House," four international students lived in my home in Ogden, Utah; two students who were studying at Weber State University: Abdullah Alamri, Saudi Arabia, and Sungjin Cao, China, and two students on a "gap-year" break from university studies in their home countries to run their own business in the United States selling health products, print/online books, and educational resources for K-12 students: Patryk Maciejewski, Poland, and Taavi Vanaveski, Estonia. We enjoyed cooking for one another at home, learned about one another's countries, practiced both conversational and academic English, and planned activities together, including going to movies, restaurants, camping at Bear Lake, and visiting mosques in Ogden and Salt Lake City.