Timothy R. ConradWeber State University2015
*VITAE OUTLINE: This vitae includes the following sections:
I. TESOL Program Development, Weber State University
II. Recent TESOL Professional Publications & Activity
III. Overview of my Teaching, Community-work, Scholarship, & Service
IV. Personal Demographics
V. Teaching/Community Experience


►ESL/LEAP Program for international and second-language resident students: Co-Developer/Past Director/Current Instructor, 1983-Present

►ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Program for K-12/Adult Teachers: Co-Developer/Past Interim Director/Current Instructor, 1998-Present

►International-Section, Sheltered ENGL 1010 & 2010 composition courses: Co-Developer/Current Instructor: 1990-Present


►"Rhetorical Grammar: Bringing Together Style and Structure." October 11, 2014, Boise, Idaho, RMMLA: Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association

►"Wikispaces Online Practice & Display Portfolios: Integrating the Written Discourse of Face-to-Face and Digital Communication." My presentation was selected by the refereed "Electronic Village, March 29, 2014; Annual International TESOL Convention, Portland. Here is the link to read my paper:

►"Following Eusebio Kino: My Sonora, Mexico Journal." TripAdvisor Essay Post: Kino Park, Nogales Chamber of Commerce Visitor & Tourism Center, May 28, 2014 [I also taught an EFL course here at the Kino Park Center, July/August, 2013].

►Book Review of Resisting the Ambush of Public Education, Nancy Schniedewind & Mara Sapon-Shevin, by Tim Conrad in the RMMLA, Rocky Mountain Review of Language & Literature, Spring 2013, Volume 67, Number 1.

►"Integrating in-class and digital communication in the writing classroom," Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, Fall Conference, October 10, 2013, Vancouver, Washington: Issues in TESOL and Second Language Acquisition Session.

►TESOL International Convention, Dallas, Texas, March 20-23, 2013: took workshops in hybrid and online instruction; attended and interviewed MA and doctoral students at the graduate research presentation sessions in order to report to our MENG self-study on TESOL at Weber State University.

►"Modeling & Promoting Life Writing," Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, Boulder, Colorado, Oct., 2012.

►"Making Dreams Come True: Counseling Dream Act Students," The Journal of Communication & Education, Literacy/ESL, September, 2012.

►"Inside I-TESOL: Counseling ESL Dreamer Students in the Deferred Action Process," July 2012 Issue, ITESOL Newsletter.

►Summer 2012 ESL/Bilingual Community Classes (beginning-advanced proficiency levels): I directed these classes for 20 high school and adult ESL students from the Ogden area in conjunction with my MENG 6410 course of Ogden and Weber County in-service public-school teachers.

►President and Past-President of ITESOL (Intermountain Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), 2012, and Program Chair of the 2010 Fall Conference: “Celebrating English Language Learners.”

►Conrad-Brethouwer, Tim & Kerry. "Dual-Language Immersion: What is an Intercultural Speaker?" The First Annual Lackstrom Linguistics Symposium: The Teaching of Languages in the Global Context, Utah State University, June 9, 2011

►"Celebrating English Language Learners," As the Program Chair for our annual Fall Conference of Intermountain Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ITESOL), I directed all aspects of the event, and involved 35 students from my WSU advanced writing and TESOL methods and assessment courses who served as volunteers during the conference. The 175 in attendance from Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming as the largest ITESOL has ever had with participants and presenters from across the western United States and many foreign countries, including a large group of international students attending WSU, October, 2010

► “An Intercultural, Dual-Course Approach,” Intermountain TESOL, Oct. 9-10, 2009, Brigham Young University: Heather Brand and Christina Hancock, ESL/bilingual teacher education candidates, co-presented a refereed paper with me at this regional conference including their own syntax, phonology, and intercultural research conducted during the summer of 2009. We also published it on the following Google networking site for teachers:

►“Crossing Borders as TESOL Instructors: Language & Literacy Community Engagement in Nogales, Mexico.” Presented at Fall Conference of Intermountain Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), St. George, Utah, October 24-25, 2008.

►Brethouwer, K. & Tim Conrad. (2007). “Digital ESL Class Memory Book.” In Gebhard, J.: Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language: A Self Development and Methodology Guide, Second Edition. (pp. 111-112). Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan.

►Conrad, T. “My Service Learning Approach Applied to Second-Language Education.” Presented at the Utah Campus Compact Engaged Scholar Institute, Moab, Utah, February 24-25, 2006.

►Conrad, T. (2005). “Research Insights about Second-Language University Writing: Self-reported Writing Strategies of International Students.” Journal of the Utah Academy, The Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters. (pp. 141-146). Ogden, Utah: Weber State University.

►Conrad, T. (2003). “Bilingual Education: A Language a Day.” Language: The Journal of Communication & Education 2.6 (Febuary 2003): 26-27.

►Conrad, T. (Fall 2003). “Cross-Cultural Strategies in a Dual-Language English/Spanish Program.” TESOL Elementary Education Newsletter 25.2, Cover Page article.

►Brethouwer, K. & Tim Conrad. (Autumn 2002). “Creating an ESL Computer-Mediated Class Memory Book.” Tesol Journal Special Issue: Constructing Meaning with Computers 11.3: 47-48.

►Conrad, T. 2002-2003 Northwest Accreditation Review: ESL Program Self-Study Report analyzing the prior ten years of the English as a Second Language educational program and its effectiveness, including a review of our five-level, one-year writing program for U.S. resident and international students.


Since 1976, my teaching, scholarship, and school/community service have focused on the field of applied-linguistics/TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My academic preparation and ongoing work in writing and literature have also over shaped my professional career and support my teaching responsibilities in the WSU English Department.

As my long-time career home, it has been a joy to serve at WSU in many meaningful and challenging teaching, administrative, service, and scholarly endeavors. In recent years, since 2000, I have regularly carried full-load and overload responsibilities with strong evaluations from my students and colleagues as I have taught ESL classes for international students, beginning writing courses and FYE (First Year Experience) courses for new freshman students, and teacher-education courses for pre-service and in-service education students completing ESL/Bilingual Endorsement and children’s literature requirements. I have served in an active, productive role through many committees and university assignments: Northwest Accreditation Review, Student-Outcomes Assessment, ESL/Bilingual Advisory Committee, MESH Grant Project Council (MA and ESL teachers at the WSU Davis Campus), Curriculum & General Education Committee and Diversity-Requirement Subcommittee, and many others in the ESL Program, English Department, and Services for International Students Office . Also, since 2000, I have advised, mentored, and planned social activities for many undergraduate and graduate education students, visiting instructors from China, Uzbekistan, and Mexico, arranged and supervised an internship for a foreign-exchange education student from Ukraine, served on the Fulbright committee for one of my students who will teach EFL in Taiwan, supervised an Honors Project, and served on the committees for three Master’s projects. I serve on the board for Habitat for Humanity and chair the Communications/Public Relations Committee. I continue every year to supervise my education and other students’ volunteer ESL/dual immersion teaching in local public, private, charter, and adult-education schools and after-school programs. Since 2000, I have published seven articles, one national and three juried publications. I have carried out a major student-outcomes assessment study and a Northwest Review self study, plus many other unpublished papers, PSAs, and other forms of communication for WSU and the community.

I was hired as a full-time instructor in 1983 when a new ESL Program had just been started by Dr. Merlin Cheney, Mark Peterson, and Dean Sherwin Howard. Since 1983, I have helped develop and teach many intercultural and language programs and curricula through the ESL Program and the English Department which have attracted thousands of international students and many visiting professors to WSU, greatly enriching the intercultural diversity and knowledge base of students, faculty, and the surrounding community.

My teaching has focused on ESL classes for international students, TESOL pedagogy for pre-service/in-service public school teachers, and courses directly serving the university as a whole such as Freshman writing and First-Year-Experience (FYE)--Education 1105: Introduction to the University. In the Fall of 2001, I developed the first intercultural FYE course, seeking to facilitate interaction between American and International students while also introducing WSU support services and resources and encouraging the retention of new students.

I have served as Director of the ESL Program (1988-1990), including directing the ESL components of other academic and short-term ESL programs developed with Japan Airlines, Korea, and Taiwan. I also coordinated an ESL Language Laboratory & Tutoring Service, ESL Family Program for international students, and ESL Social Program of school-term, holiday, and summer-break activities. Currently, I advise the ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Program and serve on the Teacher Education and Linguistics Committees of the English Department, as well as the ESL Program/Committee (continuously since 1983). I am also on the Advisory Board for the Office of Services for International Students. During a three-year term (1998-2001) on the WSU General Education & Curriculum Committee (CGE), I volunteered extra time on the CGE Subcommittee, which developed the current WSU Diversity Requirement. Throughout my career at WSU, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to my own ongoing scholarship, research, and professional development as exhibited by my two-year Fulbright Scholar Award from the United States Information Service to teach as a guest lecturer at the University of Mostar in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and Roberts College in Istanbul, Turkey(1985-1987), my completion of a public-school certification(grades 6-12) from the WSU Teacher Education Department (1994), and my recent completion of a PhD in Linguistics and Rhetoric with a TESOL focus(2000). Many other examples of my ongoing teaching, scholarship, and service are detailed in the pages of my Autobiographical Form.

Insights from sociolinguistics and intercultural communication have greatly influenced what I do in my community service and research. As a child and teenager, my parents worked at Native-American boarding schools in Oklahoma and Utah, so my playmates and friends were Native-Americans from a variety of cultures and languages. While majoring in Spanish at Utah State University, I lived for two summers in a boarding school in Chihuahua for Mexican high-school and college students who had come from neighboring pueblos to study in the city. I taught English as a foreign language for university teachers and others in Turkey and Bosnia and for elementary and secondary teachers in Mexico. In the United States, I have taught ESL in public schools in Logan, Ogden, Weber, and Davis School Districts, as well as for the following universities: Utah State University, Weber State University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. From 1995 to the present, some of the most rewarding work in my career has been with Ogden middle-school students exploring ESL, intercultural, and dual-language teaching innovations and other activities. Louise & George Spindler, Florence & John Schumann, Jim Cummins, and the late Jaime Cantaravici are teacher-researchers of anthropological education who have strongly influenced my career. They speak of the importance of sociocultural factors in schools and communities, believing that teachers and students teach and learn better when they are positively oriented towards their own identity/culture as well as the identity and culture of others. I try to get to know the personal and cultural backgrounds of the students and teachers in my classes, so that I can look for ways to help them appreciate and take advantage of who they already are, while also challenging them to interact with and learn from the unknown or unfamiliar. My classes include traditional reading assignments, homework, and tests. But I also emphasize small groups, book clubs, and group projects. In addition, I encourage students to connect their class work with real-life projects in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools.


Name: Dr. Timothy Ray Conrad

Present Position: Associate Professor, English/ESL

Date of Appointment: January 1, 1983

College: College of Arts & Humanities

Department/Program: Department of English Language & Literature, the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program, and the ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Program for Public School Teachers

Terminal Degree in my field: PhD in English: Rhetoric & Linguistics with a concentration in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


Institution Discipline Degree Earned Dates

Indiana University of Ph.D. English, Ph.D. 2000

Pennsylvania Rhetoric & Linguistics:
TESOL Concentration

Weber State University Spanish/Political-Scie Secondary Ed 1994

Teaching Majors Certificate (6-12)

Utah State University MA English: MA 1983
TESOL Emphasis

Utah State University Spanish BA: Double Major 1976
Political Science

TESOL Professional Background:

Ph.D. English: Rhetoric & Linguistics (TESOL), 2000, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: ENGL 740: TESL/TEFL Methodology, ENGL 741: ESL Materials & Media, ENGL 799: ESL/Bilingual Certification & Teacher Development, ENGL 720: Linguistics and the English Teacher, ENGL 721: Psycholinguistics & First Language Acquisition, ENGL 743: Second Language Acquisition, ENGL 742: Cross-Cultural Communication, ENGL 722: Sociolinguistics, ENGL 730: Teaching Writing, ENGL 715: Qualitative Research Methods in Rhetoric & Linguistics

Secondary Certification, 1994: Grades 6-12 (Weber State University & Utah State University): LING 680: Content-based Language Instruction, K-12; also completed other teacher education courses and a teaching practicum which were required in addition to my Spanish & Political Science majors from Utah State University in order to complete my 1994 dual certifications to teach Spanish and social studies in Utah public schools.

M.A. English: TESOL, 1983, Utah State University: ENGL 616, 617, & 618: Practicum courses in TESOL Methodology, Linguistics 540: Introduction to Linguistics, ENGL 601: Bibliography & Research Methodology, ENGL 611: English Phonetics & Phonology, ENGL 693: The Teaching of English Grammar, ENGL 627: Language & Society, ENGL 601: Bibliography & Research Methodology in TESOL, ENGL 680: Seminar in TESOL, Lin 492/ENGL 601: Practicum Language Teaching, Conversational Discourse


Weber State Univ. Associate Professor, English/TESOL, Aug, 2004-Current, 2013; Assistant Professor, Aug, 2000 – Feb. 2004; ESL/LEAP Program, 1983-Present

DESCRIPTION: Taught TESOL courses for pre-service and in-service, undergraduate and MA teachers (ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Program), a variety of English linguistics, intercultural communication, writing and literature courses, academic ESL courses for WSU international students, and intercultural First Year Experience courses for combined classes of U.S. and international students

Mt. Ogden Junior High School, Ogden High School. Volunteer ESL/Spanish Teacher Aug, 95 – Current, 2013: Mentor/Coordinator of Teacher Education Students

DESCRIPTION: For seventeen years I have taught regular curriculum and after-school classes at Mt. Ogden Middle School and Ogden High School including dual-language English/Spanish classes, ESL Language Arts, Spanish for Spanish speakers, and Spanish for beginning Spanish learners. I have also supervised teacher education students each semester as they completed service-learning teaching experiences through my EN 4410/6410 ESL/Bilingual Methods course, EN 4450/6450 assessment course, and EN 4420/6420 phonology and syntax for teachers course

Weber State Univ. Instructor, English/ESL/TESOL Aug, 95 – Current, 2013

DESCRIPTION: Full-time and part-time ESL instructor teaching college-preparatory academic classes for international students in the ESL Program; adjunct instructor of Asheltered@ freshman-English writing courses for ESL international students, and multicultural/bilingual & TESOL courses (ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Program) for pre-service & in-service teachers.

Indiana University of
Pennsylvania English/ESL Writing Instructor Jan, 95 - May, 95

DESCRIPTION: Team-taught ENGL 202: Research Writing for International Students with Dr. Jerry Gebhard, Professor of TESOL Pedagogy. The course was taught in a sheltered environment, meaning that a class of all international students completed the same required content as students in the other regular research-writing sections offered by the English Department. I was on leave of absence from WSU during school year 1994-95 in order to complete my PhD.

Davis, Ogden, and Substitute & Volunteer

Weber School Districts Spanish/ESL Teacher Aug, 90 - Dec, 93

DESCRIPTION: During this period of public-school teaching, I continued my full-time commitment in my WSU faculty position.

Weber State University English/ESL Instructor 1983-85; 1987-94

DESCRIPTION: I was a full-time ESL Instructor in the ESL Program (initial WSU appointment, January 1983) and an adjunct instructor of freshman English writing and other courses. During the school years 1985-1986 and 1986-1987, I was on leave of absence as a Fulbright Lecturer of English as a Foreign Language at the University of Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Robert’s College in Istanbul, Turkey.

University of Mostar,
Bosnia-Hercegovina, TEFL Fulbright Lecturer Aug, 85 - Jun, 87

DESCRIPTION: Developed and taught EFL (English as a Foreign Language) programs for university professors and students at the University of Mostar and various professional firms in the city of Mostar.

Robert’s College,
Istanbul, Turkey TEFL Teacher Educator June, 86 - Aug 86

DESCRIPTION: During the summer of 1986, I was one of ten Fulbright and U.S. international education faculty providing practicums and teacher education for Turkish teachers of English as a foreign language/literature. The teachers came to the Istanbul program at Roberts College from high schools and universities throughout the country of Turkey.

Logan & Skyview Spring School Term, 1983
High Schools, Logan, Ut. ESL Teacher Summers of 1980 & 1982

DESCRIPTION: Taught ESL language arts classes for IndoChinese high school students. Funding for the classes was provided by the Upward Bound Office at Utah State University.

Utah State University ESL Instructor Fall, 76 - June, 83

DESCRIPTION: I taught ESL undergraduate and graduate international students in the Intensive English Language Institute of Utah State University (USU), Departments of Languages/Philosophy and English. I also taught ESL students in special USU programs I developed through Communication Dept, Water Research Lab, & Campus Field Extension.


Title Institution Dates

●ESL/Bilingual Endorsement Courses for teacher education students, Weber State University: MENG Intercultural Communication, ENGL 4420/6420: English Phonology & Syntax for ESL/Bilingual Teachers; ENGL 4410/6410: Strategies & Methodology of ESL/Bilingual Teaching, ENGL 4450/6450: ESL/Bilingual Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Practices, 1998-2013

●Linguistics Courses, Weber State University: ENGL 3020: Language for Teachers, ENGL 3030: Structure of English, ENGL 3050: Grammar, Style, & Usage for Advanced Writing, 2004-2013

●Writing and Literature Courses, Weber State University: EN 3300: Children’s Literature, EN 2220: Introduction to Fiction, EN 1010: Introduction to Writing, EN 2010: Intermediate Writing, 1999-2013

●LEAP/ESL Program Courses for International Students, Weber State University: I taught all academic-credit-bearing classes and all language ability levels including interpersonal communication, written communication, comprehensive grammar review, and reading topics for academic purposes, 1983-2013.

●EDUC 1105, Introduction to the University (FYE: First Year Experience), Weber State University: special intercultural section (half U.S. students/half ESL international students), taught in a cluster with Dr. Jim Dolph, History 1700 and Giana Curtis, ESL 2510: College Level Writing, WSU, Fall Semester 2001. I also taught this course as a “stand-alone” intercultural section with ESL students and U.S. students (not in a cluster with other courses), Fall Semester 2003

● Middle School Classes, Mt. Ogden Middle School: dual-language English/Spanish classes, ESL Language Arts, Spanish for Spanish speakers, and Spanish for beginning Spanish learners, 1995-2008.

●Sheltered International Sections of ENGL 111/1010: Introduction to Writing and 112/2010: Intermediate Writing, WSU, 1996 - 2000.

●English/Spanish Dual-Language-Arts Class, Mt. Ogden Middle School, Fall 1996 - June 1999 (three school years)

●EDUC 425: Planning Curriculum and Instruction in Multiethnic Settings, for pre-service & in-service teachers, WSU, Fall Quarter 1998

●ENGL 307: Multicultural and Bilingual Education, for pre-service & in-service teachers, WSU, Summer Quarter, 1997

●Spanish 1, Spanish 1-B, and English Literature, Ben Lomond High School, December 1993

●Spanish 1, South Ogden Junior High School, March 1993

●ESL, math, reading, and literature for newcomer ESL students, K-6 grades, multicultural/multilingual classroom of children from 6 different countries, consulted and did volunteer teaching five hours a week for two school years, Cook Elementary School, Syracuse, Davis School District, August 1990 to June 1992

●EFL Methodology and Reading Methodology, daily courses for Turkish high school and university English-as-a-Foreign-Language teachers, Robert’s College, Istanbul, Turkey, Summer Term, June 1986 - August 1986

●Developed and taught four EFL programs for the following organizations in the city of Mostar: 1-University of Mostar (beginning, intermediate, and advanced EFL), 2- the Projektant architectural firm (intermediate EFL), 3- the Soko airplane factory (beginning EFL), and 4- the Unis electrical firm (advanced EFL), Bosnia-Hercegovina, Yugoslavia, Fall 1985 to June 1987

●ESL college-preparatory classes for ESL undergraduate and graduate international students at Utah State University--I taught all courses and language proficiency levels in pronunciation/listening, speaking, grammar, conversation, reading, writing, cross-cultural communication, and English for Special Purposes (economics, hydrology), Intensive English Language Institute, Department of Languages/Philosophy & English Department, Communication Department, and the Water Research Laboratory, 1976 - 1983

●Co-creator and teacher--the ESL Program for family members of USU international students, Campus Field Extension Office, Utah State University, 1981-1983

●ESL for Indochinese high school students, Logan and Skyview High Schools, Upward Bound Program, Spring School Term 1983, Summers 1980-82.